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Hands Can Heal

22 August 2020

Petone Library


If you have more energy what will you do:

Open a side business, be more productive, have more fun, be more present with your family. An exciting session that will introduce you to the Energy World.

As we know we need energy to do everything in life. What if, you knew that by learning a few simple facts about energy, your life will be so much better? Highlights of the session:

  • What is Energy?

  • How does it affect us?

  • How to prevent diseases?

  • How can you help the body in healing faster?

  • How to increase your energy level in daily life?

  • The importance of proper breathing?

Bring your family and friends and let's make our life happier.

Past Events

                           Immerse in spiritual energies of Wesak Full moon!

7 May, 6-7pm

Once a year we get opportunity to participate in spreading abundant amount of uplifting energies around and in turn lift our consciousness. 
Wesak full moon is a special global event. There are millions of people meditating at the same time and becoming a channel to elevate the sufferings on our planet. In recent times, it is even more critical to come together and become a channel to spread peace around!

Lets join hands and do a beautiful meditation together to bless our mother earth, our country and all our loved ones. This will help all of us to spread energies of hope, faith, good health, prosperity and abundance.

So secure your spot today by emailing us at

No previous experience needed. Once you book your spot, you will get more information.
You will also  be eligible to receive a free one-on-one meditation session online!

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Free Online Session Available

We have started conducting Online Sessions during lockdown. In the session you will learn effective techniques to strengthen your immunity. To find out more please email us on


As a result of doing regular Meditation, people are happier, more peaceful, good sleepers, confident, have stronger relationships. It has completely changed their way of thinking and feeling. They have become better versions of themselves. If you want to get back the excitement in your life, then come along in our meditation sessions and find new you!


These techniques are hundreds of years old. It is easy and very effective.

We don't tell you to sit still. We take you through few steps which automatically leads calmer mind and relaxed body. 

Doing Meditation helps pituitary gland release hormone called Oxycontin. This is also called "love hormone" and few more benefits are:

  • Reducing Stress

  • Inducing sleep

  • Improves social skill

  • Reduce drug craving

  • Strengthening relationships

Give it a go and you might find a new refreshed you !


Things you will learn:

⦁    Simple Meditation to keep you happy and peaceful!
⦁    Rejuvenating Breathing Techniques
⦁    Simple and Effective Exercises to keep you fit.

When : Every Wednesday

Time:    11am-12pm

Where: Upper Hutt Library, Fergusson Dr, Upper Hutt

Contribution: Koha


Kindly register by emailing us at: or just drop in.


We are happy to take private sessions at comfort of your home.

Contribution: $50

Please contact us at 


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Yoga Prana Vidya

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