The Only way Beauty can be restored and maintained, is when beauty inside is found!

Does a child need a beauty treatment! 

No, Why you may ask. The reason is that he is still a child and happy in his or her own world. He smile often and forget and forgive things easily. All through our growing years, our face changes due to our experiences.


What do we do?

The treatment is called Energy Face Rejuvenation and Tightening technology (EFRT). It  works in two ways:


  • Helps people in relasing old burried negative emotions.

  • Remove facial stress energy


After removing the unwanted energies inside and outside, the face is filled with rejuvenerating energies.


This helps in rapidly:

  • filling up the wrinkles

  • tightening the face

  • nourishing the skin and

  • making facial skin alive again.


This is done by our Senior healers. 


Investement: $120     Duration: 60 minutes

Free Consultation.





More Common Observations:


  • Face feel happy, light and relaxed

  • Face feel warm, clean and refreshed

  • Feels tingling sensation and movement of energy on the face

  • Facial tension released, feel energy moving and face firmer.

  • I like how i look

  • I feel happy with my face.


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