The YPV healing techniques are based on the ancient science of healing the body, prevalent in various civilizations, systems, religions, cultures which are universal in nature. These teachings have been developed further with the modern findings, more understanding of the Energy Body with kirlian photography and other subsequent findings.


There are two most important steps which we consider in healing. They are:


  • Cleansing - This is the most important part. Our bodies has such beautiful and efficient system of healing itself. But, over the time, due to various circumstances, this power gets diminshed. Our bodies seriously gets affected by wrong food habits, lack of exercise, excessive stress, negative emotions etc.  So, to heal a condition, its very effective to focus on cleansing the energy body first.


  • Energizing - After we clean the energy body, it is ready to receive fresh energy from the healing. This helps the body to revive her power to heal itself effectively.


These healings are no-touch and no drug therapy. These can be done on distance as well, that means its not neccessary to meet face to face. There are no side-effects and you can take your regular medication, if you are already taking one. 

There are various options you can choose, according to your suitation.  We are happy to give you free consultation.



Regular Healing sessions 

Investment : $50  Duration: 20-30min.

This kind of healing is good for


  • General Well Being

  • Deep relaxation after a stressful period

  • For removing unwanted worries and normal physical discomfort.

  • Clear mind



Free Consultation 

Focused Healing Sessions

Investment: $80   Duration: 30-45min.


This kind of healing is required when you have specific physical or emotional issues such as Long time knee pain, Heart problem,Asthma, Continous stress, depression, excessive anxiety, sleeping difficulty, relationship upheavels, excessive anger etc.


Free Consultation

Online sessions are available:


We meet on skype or gtalk and healing is done online.


Free Consultation

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